Consulting and project management

In addition to its own software solutions, ITH icoserve offers consulting and implementation services for clinical information system (KIS) of large software vendors.


In contrast to the product-related teams of the manufacturer, our interdisciplinary and certified senior consultants and project managers have long years of product and process know-how in the world's leading clinical information systems. Experience from global projects flow into complex IT implementation projects product-independently for the benefit of our customers.


All KIS systems have the same or similar functionality - and yet they are different: They are based on different software architectures and use different technologies and tools. Due to their years of experience with almost all KIS instruments, our employees are familiar with these systems and guarantee an efficient display of hospital processes which is suitable for daily use. If the systems do not provide certain features, we can implement our own tools. We are an extraordinarily powerful partner!


A major essential component for a successful start-up of clinical information systems is, in addition to the implementation and maintenance of various interfaces, the key user and end user training. We offer successful education and training concepts that have been valued and tested by our customers for many years. Of course, we create training and further training plans according to your individual KIS system and clinical requirements.


For the day-to-day operation of clinical information systems, we offer a variety of support options: from release upgrades to new implementations. A hotline infrastructure complements our versatile range of services.


Our team supports and accompanies you throughout the project cycle and beyond and subsequently assists you with any possible problems.