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Press Release

Technology partnership between iTernity and ITH icoserve

Since March 2019 iTernity and ITH icoserve form a technology partnership. Together, they ensure a legally compliant archiving solution in the healthcare sector, which can be safely used by any type of hospital in the future. The solution syngo.share for data management and archiving from the Siemens Healthineers subsidiary ITH icoserve has been successfully validated for the iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS).

The technology partnership offers different advantages for hospitals and other healthcare organizations:

•    GDPR-compliant archiving of medical data thanks to encryption, WORM storage, multiclient capability and access control
•    Protection of data integrity through self-healing
•    Hardware- and vender neutral software solution
•    Maximum flexibility and scalability
•    Great potential for cost savings through a central single archive strategy

The combined solution provides healthcare institutions a central, hardware-independent, and legally secure archive for patient data and other documents from various healthcare IT applications.  

eHealth Solutions

What is possible with Siemens Healthineers eHealth Solutions?

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Since May 2016 the "eMedication" is implemented step by step in Austria. Next to reports drugs ordered by physicians can be saved for one year which is a new ELGA function. Practitioners are obliged to save ordered drugs at the "eMedication". Citizens are able to see their medication list and have the right to delete the list or manage access rights. 

Which drugs are collected in the list decides every patient on his own. But notice that for a overall inspection of interactions the physicians needs the whole bunch of drugs. 

AUVA starts with ELGA

The roll-out of the electronical health record is going on step by step. At 06/24/2016 the AUVA casualty hospitals started with ELGA. Discharge reports, radiology findings and labor findings are now available for physicians and patients. Physicians are able to react faster and more specific which is very important at the time-critical casuality department. 

For more Information find the link 

Whitepaper ELGA

Little Goodie of ELGA - this Whitepaper was presented at the HIMSS in February.
After minutes it was out of stock - lucky you we have this document digitalized ;)

German radiology network starts with eHealth solution

The Curagita Holding AG and Siemens Healthcare are working together on an eHealth solution for 100 radiologist practices in Germany. The pilot phase has started!

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IHE Connectathon Bochum

Our team was represented at a Conenctathon again. At the event in Bochum they could show the compatibility of sense®.
Congratulations to the team for a successful result!

More information about the Connectathon in Bochum you find here.


ECR 2016

At the European Congress of Radiology from 3rd till 6th March in Vienna we represent customers and interested visitors the benefits of sense® and syngo.share. Our solutions were shown next to the whole Siemens solution portfolio at a 500 m2 booth. 

One of our customers at the ELGA project, the Wiener KAV (rep. by Herline Toth), gave an interview about the start of ELGA as well as sense® and the role of Siemens and the ITH.

Watch here



From 29th of February on the HIMSS takes places at Las Vegas for one week. The ITH was represented at the Siemens booth as well as at the Showcase to display the possibilities of health networking at different Use cases.

sense® proved successfully at the Cardiac Disease Use case that Interoperability is one of the most important things in the world of eHealth.

IHE North American Connectathon 2016

5 intensive days of the Connectivity Marathon are done - Congratulations to the team of the ITH!

At the IHE North American Connectathon the ITH has shown successfully the interoperabilität of our products. That shows that quality comes first for us and that our products are on top if it goes to information exchange and high patient treatment.